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Virtually every enterprise will need to intersect government to achieve its goals. Successful interaction with the government requires comprehensive strategies designed to build and maintain relationships with key decision makers, the perpetual reinforcement of a poignant message, and broad support from a diverse group of influential stakeholders. Weideman Group engineers and drives these critical elements of sophisticated advocacy so that its clients are positioned to achieve their desired policy outcomes on a regular and consistent basis. The firm is respected as an influential voice in policy circles and its relationships with California’s leaders run deep. Weideman Group is a registered lobbying firm authorized to influence legislative and administrative action before the state legislature, the Governor’s Office, other constitutional offices, administrative agencies and regulatory bodies.

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The most complex and ambitious policy objectives require a public affairs campaign. Weideman Group develops and implements campaigns that engage key individuals, organizations, the media and the public. The campaigns marshal broad grassroots support for a desired objective, whether it be a legislative, regulatory or administrative outcome. Weideman Group also assists its clients in the electoral process by developing and implementing strategies to support or oppose candidates, issue campaigns and ballot measures. The firm is among the most seasoned in California politics at devising contribution strategies and at producing electoral outcomes through independent expenditure campaigns.

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Doing business with the State of California and other public agencies requires a deep understanding of procurement processes, strong relationships with decision makers and the capacity to convincingly articulate a value proposition. Weideman Group is a respected intermediary with public officials, procurement officers and their staff. The firm ensures that its clients are well positioned to demonstrate how their products and services can help the State of California and other public agencies achieve their objectives. Weideman Group clients consistently win the business.



  • “Blue Shield has benefited tremendously from Weideman’s high integrity, outstanding advocacy, and sophisticated strategies.”

    Paul Markovich

    President and CEO Blue Shield of California
  • “There is no better lobbying firm in California than Weideman Group. I’m certain of it. They have helped us to enact bold policy over determined opposition, they have unmatched relationships with the leaders of the state and an incredible command over the legislative and regulatory process.”

    Kelly Kimball

    Chairman Motor Vehicle Software Corporation
  • “Weideman Group operates with a level of professionalism, expertise and organization that we simply haven’t seen before. They are highly trusted advisors that have helped us skillfully navigate complicated legislative and regulatory matters and they have consistently ushered through successful government procurements that have allowed us to dramatically expand our presence in the state.”

    Stella Li

    President BYD Motors
  • “Weideman is a first-rate lobbyist and attorney, plugged into the Capitol on major issues. If it’s happening, he’s probably there.”

    Capitol Weekly

  • “Our success enacting seminal legislation in California is due in no small part to Weideman Group. As our chief lobbyists, the firm was an unequivocal difference maker — they are respected by policymakers, they bring bold innovative strategies to the table and they are relentless advocates.”

    Jess Grennan

    National Advocacy and Political Affairs Director Compassion & Choices
  • “The professionalism and tireless efforts of the Weideman Group played an important role in the extension of a legislative policy that was significant to our company and our customers in California. They exercise confident control over all facets of the policy making process.”

    KR Sridhar, Ph.D

    Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Bloom Energy
  • Mark Weideman, “...one of the top lobbyists in Sacramento.”

    The Hill


  • Mark Weideman
    Mark Weideman Principal

    Weideman has decades of experience representing some of the nation’s most sophisticated and politically powerful clients. He provides strategic advice and counsel to his clients designed to achieve their objectives before government entities and acts as their chief advocate before legislative, regulatory and administrative bodies. Weideman has been the architect of successful procurements that have landed clients billion dollar and multi-million dollar contracts. He designs grassroots campaigns that provide broad organic support for policy initiatives and he coordinates activity in local, state and national elections.

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  • Tim Valderrama
    Tim Valderrama Managing Director

    Valderrama is a Capitol veteran, having served in staff leadership roles in both the Senate and Assembly. As Managing Director of the Weideman Group, he spearheads strategic engagement with legislative, administrative and regulatory entities. Clients benefit from Valderrama's extensive knowledge of the legislative process and his strong bipartisan relationships with legislators, staff and administration officials. He has experience in all phases of political work including coalition building, grassroots mobilization, strategic planning, PAC management and legislative/initiative campaigns.

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  • Alejandra Durán
    Alejandra Durán Associate

    Durán is a registered lobbyist for Weideman Group. She provides direct lobbying, strategic counsel, legislative tracking, regulatory monitoring and procurement services for the firm’s clients. Durán previously worked for two California State legislators, as well as the Office of the Assembly Chief Clerk. She also worked in an advocacy position for a Sacramento based government affairs firm. Durán received her bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Davis. She is fluent in Spanish.

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  • Vincent Wiraatmadja
    Vincent Wiraatmadja Associate

    Wiraatmadja is a registered lobbyist for Weideman Group. He provides direct lobbying, strategic counsel, legislative tracking, regulatory monitoring and procurement services for the firm’s clients. Wiraatmadja previously worked in the California State Legislature and on legislative campaigns. He also clerked for an administrative law judge and worked in the legal division of the State Treasurer’s Office. Wiraatmadja received his bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Irvine, and his law degree with the Capitol Certificate in Public Policy from the University of Pacific, McGeorge School of Law.

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  • Bethany Heckman
    Bethany Heckman Legislative Aide

    Heckman oversees the internal business operations of the firm and provides legislative and regulatory support for the firm’s clients. She previously worked in the California State Legislature in policy and constituent facing roles. Heckman also worked in operations and special project roles for several non-profit and community based organizations. She received her bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the California State University, Chico.

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  • Ryan McCarthy
    Ryan McCarthy Director of Climate and Clean Energy

    McCarthy has been a leader at the forefront of climate, energy, technology and transportation policy in California for nearly 20 years. He leads Weideman Group's growing climate and clean energy practice, where clients benefit from his deep analytical, regulatory and legislative expertise.

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  • Chris Valencia
    Chris Valencia Legislative Aide

    Valencia tracks legislation and regulatory matters for clients, ensures timeliness of submissions with government entities and supports the firm’s advocacy efforts. He previously worked for Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. in the Governor’s Appointments Unit. Valencia also worked in the State Legislature and on political campaigns. He received his bachelors degree in political science from the University of California, Davis.

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